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Text: Name Grammar: Present Simple Present Continuous Speaking: Getting to know each other

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Reading: What’s in name?

Your name is extremely important. It’s how you identify yourself. It’s how other people identify you. So how do people make one of the most important decisions of their children’s lives – giving them a name?

In the past, parents named their children after important family relatives. But people are changing. Nowadays, parents don’t want to call their little princess Enid Blodwen after her grandmother.

It’s fashionable to choose names of places for children’s names. For example, Madonna named her daughter Lourdes after the town in France. David and Victoria Beckham named their first child Brooklyn after an area in New York. However, it isn’t a good idea to follow this trend if your favourite place is your local pizza restaurant or shopping mall!

Some people name their children after famous people. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents named him after the famous Italian painter. A few years ago the names Beyonce and Britney were popular.

Some names have a special meaning. Have you ever heard of anyone called Sky, Rain or River? These names come from nature and you can see what they mean. But did you know that actor Keanu Reeves’ name means ‘cool breeze over the mountain’ in Hawaiian?

A recent survey showed that people with unusual or original names feel special. I wonder if this is true for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s children: Rumer Glenn, Scout Larue and Tallulah Belle.

I’ve chosen the name I want for a daughter. I’m going to call her Lauren. Why? Simply because

I like the name. My mother liked the name Lauren too, but unfortunately she named me Enid Blodwen after my grandmother.

How did your parents choose your name? Was it for one of the reasons below or a different reason?

a) Your parents named you after a relative.

b) They named you after a place.

c) They chose an unusual name.

d) They named you after a famous person.

e) Your name is religious.

f) It has a special meaning.

g) Your parents simply liked the name.

What name would you choose for a baby girl or a baby boy?

Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous