Exercise 3. For the words in the left column choose the explanation in the right column

a bill - a person who stays at the hotel

a guest - a place where people can put up

an arrival card - a special form for guests of a hotel

a hotel - a written statement for charges for

Exercise 4. Make up short conversations using these substitution patterns:

a) - Here you are. Excuse me.

- Thank you. Your key, sir (madam). If you want something press the button (ring us up):

1. to have a snack

2. to have dinner in

3. to have a bath

6. your clothes washed

b) – What facilities are available at your hotel?

– At our hotel you will find:

1. a beauty-saloon.

2. post office

3. news-stand

4. foreign exchange desk

5. information bureau

6. service bureau

c) – What other conveniences, services and facilities are available at your hotel?

– There are (is) also golf and tennis courts.

1. a swimming pool in the hotel

2. a restaurant and two bars on the ground floor

3. telephone and radio in every room

4. hot and cold water in all bedrooms

5. TV lounges furnished in modern style on every floor

6. air conditioning

7. lifts to all floors working round-the clock

8. a big garden and parking space for cars

9. a nice souvenirs

Заняття 13

Обід у ресторані


· in the restaurant – в ресторані

· to book a table - резервувати столика

· Do you have any free tables? - у вас є вільні столики?

· a table for (one, two), please - столик для (одного, двох), будь ласка

· I'd like to make a reservation - я хочу зарезервувати

· when for? for what time? – на коли?

· this evening at (eight, seven) ... - сьогодні вечором о (восьмій, сьомій)

· for how many people? - на скільки осіб?

· to order the meal – замовляти їжу

· to see the menu - дивитися меню

· to recommend - радити

· to be on a diet – бути на дієті

· to be allergic to ... –мати алергію на

· for starter, for the main course - на перше, на основну страву

· Would you like anything else? - чи ви хотіли би ще чогось?

· during the meal – під час їжі

· Enjoy your meal! – смачного

· still water \sparkling water – негазована, газована вода

· delicious – смачно

· this isn't what I ordered- це не те, що я замовляв

· too salty (cold) - занадто солене (холодне)

· to pay the bill - оплата рахунку

· the bill – рахунок

· to pay by card - платити кредитною карткою

· to share the bill – ділити рахунок

· tip –чайові

· take-away –“їжа на виніс”, їжа з собою

· Please wait to be seated - Будь ласка, почекайте розсадження

· Reserved– зарезервовано

Exercise 1. Read and translate the menu

Ordering Food in a Restaurant

One of the most important tasks in English is ordering food when you go to a restaurant. There are basic forms and questions, as well food vocabulary that you can use in places where people speak English.

Take a look at this Menu

Chicken Soup $2.50
Salad $3.25
Sandwiches - Main Course  
Ham and cheese $3.50
Vegetarian $4.00
Grilled Cheese $2.50
Piece of Pizza $2.50
Cheeseburger $4.50
Spaghetti $5.50
Coffee $1.25
Tea $1.25
Soft Drinks - Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, etc. $1.75

Exercise 2. Choose the right word from the list to fill in the gaps.

fast food, cookbook, recipe, dish, menu, take-away, bill, ingredients, service, wait person, tip, dessert, bar, lounge, restaurant, order

I really hate _____. I prefer to go to a good _____ that serves everything, including the _____, using the best _____. Sometimes, I like to _____ something that I have tried at home. First, I look up the _____ in the _____ and then I cook the _____. Next, I go to the restaurant, and when the _____ comes to my table I ask for the _____ and order what I have already cooked at home! Sometimes, I like to go out for a _____. You can have a drink in either a _____ or a _____, which are usually nicer. At the end of the evening, it's time to ask for the _____ and, usually, if the _____ has been good, it's a good idea to leave a 15%-20% tip.

Exercise 3. Read and translate the following dialogues

Making a Reservation

A: Shogun Restaurant.
B: Hi, I would like to make a dinner reservation.
A: Of course, what evening will you be joining us on?
B: We will need the reservation for Tuesday night.
A: What time would you like the reservation for?
B: We would prefer 7:00 or 7:30.
A: How many people will you need the reservation for?
B: There will be 4 of us.
A: Fine, I can seat you at 7:00 on Tuesday, if you would kindly give me your name.
B: Thank you. The last name is Foster.
A: See you at 7:00 this Tuesday, Mr. Foster.
B: Thank you so much.

Ordering Main Course

A: Have you had enough time to look over the menu?

B: Yes, we are almost ready to order.

A: Let me remind you of the specials of the day, which are posted on the board.

B: Oh, that all sounds so good! Can we get the sauce on the side?

A: Yes, we would be happy to prepare the food to meet your special needs.

B: I was wondering if you have any vegetarian choices.

A: Yes, the roasted vegetable salad is good, and the portabella mushroom burger is also a good choice.

B: I think that I would like to order the broccoli noodles, please.

A: That is an excellent choice, and I could bring you your salads now or bring them with your dinner.

B: Please bring our salads to us now. We are hungry!

A Mistake by the Waitress

A: Here is your breakfast!
B: Thanks so much. Miss, I believe I ordered my eggs scrambled (омлет), and these are fried.
A: Sorry, your friend over there ordered fried eggs, and I gave you his by mistake.
B: Oh yeah. Here, I will just trade with him.
A: Here are your pancakes, sir.
B: But I ordered waffles!
A: I am so sorry!
B: That's OK. I will eat my eggs and bacon, and you can take my pancakes back.
A: Good, sir. I will take care of that right away.
B: Thank you so much!